Ferigo Signed for Salernitana!

It was already in the air since few days, but this morning finally came the news official: Matteo Ferigo, goalkeeper, year 1996, is a player of Salernitana.

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Curti signs for Acireale!

Giovani Curti signed today the contract with Acireale, an italian club from Sicily, and thus begins the new adventure of the Italo-Brazilian player. Giovani, good luck, do your best!!

Sartore signs for Genoa

Finally Sartore Francisco is officially a player of Genoa. The talented 17 year old Italo-Brazilian arrives in Italy and after completing bureaucratic procedures on the recognition of Italian citizenship "jure Sangunis".

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Congratulation Andre!

Yet another great operation for HB Sport confirming its strength in the international field. HB Sport closes in great style its market operations.

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Malara signed for Hinterreggio

Reggio Calabria. Three market operations have been concluded by the Director General Carmelo Rappoccio, including the purchase of Domenico Malara, class of 1993 player of the HB SPORTS.

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